About NWQP

Our History

Founding Northwest Quest Publishers has been a calling for us for many years, a culmination of our life’s path along the twisting boulevards of literature and the arts. Like many publishers before us, we seek to fill a void. We recognize a need for diverse voices and characters in gaming literature, and an expansion of the worlds and conflicts that encompass LitRPG.

We are excited and humbled to think we could ever hope to join the ranks of pioneering publishers and writers from Jules Verne and Virginia Woolf to Ursula K. Le Guin, Andy Weir, and Margaret Atwood, all of whom found a way to reach their readers, either through starting their own press or financing the publication of work they loved. 

Founded in 2019, our own independent press publishes the Oregon Territory Tales series, the quarterly journal Flumgudgeon, and a variety of one-shot gaming adventures. We look forward to adding novels and games in the near future. We are working toward building a banquet of delicious literary dishes for you to enjoy, loaded with our favorite ingredients: quality writing, interesting and varied characters, and engaging story lines.

Debbie Cravey


Debbie came to Portland 20 years ago by way of Florida and the Carolinas, where she went to school for English and Communications. Her meandering journey has taken her from English teacher to broadcaster for the U.S. Army, from independent film editor to book buyer for Powell’s and advocate helping identity theft victims recover from fraud. Before starting NWQP, she was Campus Director for Epicodus, a fantastic local code school and community tech hub. 

In her other pursuits, she is a writer, a tabletop and video gamer, a fan of health and fitness, and an advocate for the rights of people and animals. Vegan for several years, she and Beth enjoy working & attending the Mercy For Animals booth at local events, along with supporting other animal-related causes.

When not buried in a manuscript, she plays a wildshaping moon druid elf named Ferris in her favorite D&D campaign (going on three years with the same core group!) Her latest button-mashing sessions have found her keeping it old-school with Bayonetta, Wolfenstein the New Order, and Stardew Valley.

Beth Lyons

Co-Founder, Editor

Beth is a writer and fiction editor. The first novel she ever read all on her own was Baked Beans for Breakfast, which felt like a major accomplishment for a 4th grader. Raised in a family of readers, it wasn’t long before she was dreaming about writing her own stories. She is the author of five fantasy novels and numerous short stories.

For the last 20 years, she’s called the Pacific Northwest home. For fun Beth likes to bake sourdough bread, make yummy vegan food, run up and down hills, read, and play games. She’s an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, and fittingly enough, the first time she ever heard the phrase “LitRPG” was during a D&D session. 

She believes in the power of storytelling to change minds and lives. We can live a multitude of lives through stories, experiencing new ideas and exploring challenging concepts through imagination. 

Currently she’s playing Xcom 2 and Skyrim on the Xbox and Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest on her phone. 

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.

Lemony Snicket, Horseradish