A Tour of the Van

Here's a quick visual tour of our van, christened the JetPack Van, and affectionately known as Jet.

From the passenger side, you can see the front bench, the Lagun table top, and the fresh water access door. On top are the two solar panels.

Action shot from the rear: The back bench, the sink, and on the right, (under the sink) the access for the gray water (in the background, my big head). The privacy/insulation covers are on the back windows. Under the bench is storage and the diesel heater. The table and chairs fit under the bench.

Close up from the rear. The back bench with back cushion and pillows, and the cargo area that is over the cockpit. You can also see the Lagun table on the left.

Action shot: Getting food from the 'pantry' which is the left hand storage cubby under the front bench. You can see the privacy curtains are down. Close up of the cargo area above the cockpit.

Action shot: Using the new Lagun mount on the back door for outdoor cooking.

A view of the back with the bed pulled out and cushions deployed as a mattress.