Trip # 1 Devils Lake, Lincoln City, Oregon

Just about 10 days after buying Jet, we took her to Lincoln City, Oregon for her maiden voyage. We love Lincoln City. It's a great spot about mid-way along the Oregon Coast, two hours from Portland.

It's hard to get camping spots anywhere in Oregon in the summer, especially along the coast, but I found a spot at Devils Lake State Recreation Area for Sunday, August 15th, and I snagged it. We had spot C03 and it cost us $29.

Once we parked and got the table and chairs set up, we opened a bottle of wine, had some snacks, and talked the evening away.

I hadn't taken off Monday which meant waking up at our usual time, having some pour-over coffee and logging into work from the campsite!

Memorable moments from the trip:

  • Gassing up in Portland and dealing with the locking gas cap in a state where you don't pump your own gas.
  • Watching families stroll by. For some folks, that weekend was the last before the school year began, so there were tons of kids, and dogs, and bikes.
  • Drinking a bottle of wine as the sun set.
  • Dropping a new letterbox carving in honor of the van.
  • Taking the long way home.