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Vanlife Confessions
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high desert
Central Oregon

The middle of part of Oregon is mostly high desert. The landscape is haunting, spare, and windswept. The roads seem to run on endlessly

Oregon Coast

For our first trip, we picked a great place on the Oregon Coast: Lincoln City. It's a town, several little towns, actually in the middle area of the coast. 

Home Is Nice Too

It's nice to be home, safe and sound sometimes. Chinese diesel heater notwithstanding, winter in Oregon can be a little cold.

Life is A Journey

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that life is a journey - even if you are stuck inside your house.


One of my favorite hobbies goes nicely with #vanlife - letterboxing! This is a picture of a rough carving of an osprey. *Coming Soon! 

Planning Makes Perfect

Being spontaneous is fun, but a little bit of prep work makes the difference between a road bump and a road block. *Coming Soon! 

door 10
Door Panels
Our First Major Update

The van came with stock back door panels that were flimsy white pasteboard. For our first major update to Jet, we decided to replace those with real wood and a design that would be sturdy enough for a second Lagun bracket.

My friend Matt agreed to help make our idea come to life, so on a gray Saturday in October, I went to his house with plywood and high hopes. A few hours later (and two trips to the hardware store) we had our new panels.

Cooking for two on the road

We are lucky enough to have a camper with solar power, a fridge, and a sink, so cooking on the road is pretty easy with the right tools, the right prep, and the right attitude. 


I do a good amount of prework to make meals that much easier. Who wants to spend all their camp time at the sink? The mini skillet is a great addition and at only 800 watts, it's a pretty good trade off of hot food for a little solar power. 

I also like multipurpose foods like salsa, hummus, and (vegan) cheese which are great on their own and awesome as ingredients in dishes.

cooking outside

Winter Cooking